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Fasteners really haven’t changed much over the years.

The fastener business, however, continues to evolve and grow. Likewise, Western Fastener continues to evolve and grow. It’s always interesting to look back and see how things have changed and progressed over the years.

Fastener from RMS Queen Mary A couple fasteners
Western Fastener building in the past Western Fastener building in the past Western Fastener building in the past
"I wish I had some of these cars!"

- Bruce Relaford

Western Fastener building, front view
Our current location, centrally located in Kearny Mesa.

Our family of employees has grown right along with the business. Below you can hear from Bruce Relaford on some of the employees and their time at Western Fastener.

Growing with Western Fastener

One of the things that really impressed me about Western Fastener when I started 14 years ago was that people tend to stay here.

Shortly after I was hired, we had a party for Gerania to celebrate her 40 years of service. Gerania was the first Western Fastener employee; she started in the late 60’s, back when the business was housed in the founder’s garage. Working at each of the different locations, Gerania retired a few years ago at the ripe young age of 77!

Gerania working Happy Anniversary banner for Gerannia Gerania hitting a pinata

A couple of weeks after Gerania’s party, there was another one! I remember thinking, “Wow, I think I’m really going to like working here!” This party was to celebrate our friend Ted, and his 25 years of service.

After 38 years with Western fastener, Ted finally decided to retire to enjoy riding his bike or paddling his kayak around Mission Bay.

Sadly, Ted passed away last year and is greatly missed. We still have customers ask, "Where’s the old grouchy guy that used to work the counter?" Ted had a somewhat gruff exterior not quite covering his heart of gold.

Past Photo of Ted Present Photo of Ted

Sometimes an employee will leave, and then come back. Joanne started here in 1973, left in February of ’78, and was back in December! She ventured out on her own in 1983, and in 1991 came home to stay.

Past Photo of Joanne Present Photo of Joanne

Evolving Technology

The technology has evolved a bit too, since those early years.

Woman using old computer Two people in office with computers

Computers then…

Close up of computer at Western Fastener

Computer now…

Close up of rotary phone

We still have this phone on the front counter just for laughs.

Two people packaging items by hand

Packaging then…

Man packaging items with machine

Packaging now…

We look forward to growing and evolving with our customers for many years to come and seeing how things continue to change and progress.

Maybe soon our customers will simply think of the part they need, and the Western Fastener replicator will teleport it to them. It should be interesting.

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