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Need a fastener with a special finish or other feature? Western Fastener can get you exactly what you need.

We have developed an extensive network of vendors to accommodate most secondary process requirements relating to form, fit, or function.

Some of the many secondary processes we offer include:

  • Thread Locking: Nylon patch, pellet, or strip, or microencapsulated chemical thread locker.
  • Plating: To prevent corrosion or improve appearance.
  • Coatings: To aid in assembly - lubricants, anti-seize, anti-galling compounds.
  • Cutting: To achieve non-standard lengths.
  • Drilling/Tapping: To allow venting, or installation of a safety wire, or set screws.
  • Machining: CNC machining, milling, grinding, threading, finishing, for custom applications.
  • Cleaning: We can assist you with any cleaning needs from the most basic cleaning or degreasing, to precision cleaning specifications critical to aerospace, defense, medical device, semiconductor, and laser equipment manufacturers.

You need that low-profile stainless-steel socket cap screw in a non-standard length, and you want it to be black with a thread locker?

Simple, you place one order with Western Fastener for the finished part. We will bring in the off-the-shelf part and have it cut to your specified length. We send it to a second vendor for black oxide, then send it out yet again for the nylon locking patch.

After a QC inspection by one of our Certified Fastener Specialists, your finished part is delivered to you.

Based on your usage we can determine accurate lead time(s) and replenishment levels, and stock it for you in our warehouse to ensure that you have the part you need, when you need it.

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For more information, design assistance, or to request a quote, just ask your Western Fastener account representative, or contact us directly at (858) 292-5115 or

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